Solar Light SWL30 Graphic 1 Main Product

Best Solar Lights in Market

We firmly believe that the sustainability of our planet happens by harnessing the energy that our sun provides us. That's why we design lights and simple elements with the solar charge that make it possible for you to contribute your bit to the sustainability and future of our earth. There really is no plan B for our planet.

  • Lithium Batterys

    Lithium-Ion batteries capable of carrying out approximately 1,000 charging cycles

  • Quality Material

    Aluminum frame housing with guarantee to withstand extreme weather conditions

  • Quality Leds

    First quality LEDs on the market that produce the best Lumens ratio. More LEDs does not always mean more luminosity it always depends on the quality of them

Solar Conversion

Our Lights Solar conversion is  18 %  .          Cheap ones : 6-7 %

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Adaptive Lighting System

A programmer we set in controller, when meet bad weather which lack of sun light, the system will do smart timely calculation for remaining battery capacity, and give max output efficiency for prolong lighting time to reach 7-10 cloudy days.

Solar Light SW-06 Graphic 5 Solar Panel

Temperature Control System

We use a thermal switch in the charging system when temp. is over 65 ℃, the switch will disconnect to cut off the charging system, and will connect automatically when below 65 ℃.

Heat insulation material to pack the battery pack, to guarantee inner temp. is less than 45 ℃, to protect the battery